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Simone Swarts - Founder Member

Simone Swarts, the founder of Oxigin, was born in Rhodesia, moved to South Africa, and has spent most of her life in Durban.

Simone holds a Diploma in Labour Law, and has 17 years experience in Human Resources, Recruitment and Labour Consulting, the wealth of her experience being in Labour Broking.


During the years of recruiting staff, and doing research, I have noticed that there are a lot of CV's that are very misleading, whereby applicants falsify their CV's by the following ways :

1.  Deleting/omitting employment history due to:
  •   A bad employment track record
  •   Unsavoury work ethics
  •   Fraud / theft / insubordination;
  •   Many other dismissable offences

2.  Fake references
  • Applicants will put a colleague from an ex employer down as a reference
  • Applicants will find a friend who is a manager of a company, and put them on their CV, and use them as past employment and references
3.  There are web based companies where one can, for a fee, obtain fake employment history and references, including a fake company website, fake land line, and a person representing the fake company just waiting to take your call :-

Due to this type of CV fraud, when an employee is dismissed or resigns due to:
  • Being unable to perform the duties that his CV stated he could do
  • Fraudulent credentials
  • Theft;  or any other dismissable offence -
  • Companies have no way of tracing omitted work history or knowing if the referee's are reliable and real references, and therefore have no idea on the type of employee that he is inviting into his workplace.

I have targeted this on going problem with EMPLOYMENT TRACKING SYSTEM, using this system you can find out those less than stellar facts  about your favourite candidate before you've come to own him, love him, spent time and money on him, and integrated him into your company.


 *HRCheck - Disciplinary History & Dismissal Reports*

How does it work?


One of Oxigins consultants, who is designated to your Industry, will contact your HR department on a monthly basis, in order to upload any new employees to keep employment history up to date, and to upload any Incident Reports that you may have on an existing or ex employee, this could be positive or negative feedback on an idividual.

Ensure that you have future applicants Employment History, Disciplinary History & Dismissal Reports at the touch of a button.

For more information call Simone Swarts on 083 661 5111

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