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• Screening and Background Check

  • Criminal Checking (AFIS)
  • CV Verifications & ETS Previous Employment References
  • Qualification Verification : Secondary & Tertiary
  • Credit Bureau Reports (ITC & Experian)
  • Drivers Licence & PDP Verification : Foreign & Local
  • ID Verification
  • Fraud Llisting Checks in the Workplace
  • CCMA Record Checks
  • PSIRA Registration

• AFIS - Fingerprinting

AFIS is the Police Criminal Database used to check criminal records.

OXIGIN is an accredited reseller of AFISwitch Criminal Fingerprint Checking.

We offer our clients 2 options:

1.  Clients can purchase their own fingerprint reader and capture their own applicant fingerprints using Oxigins system


2.  We can send one of our qualified consultants to your company premises to capture your staff, or applicants fingerprints

CRIMINAL DETAIL PER CATEGORY 2011/2012 Crime Statistics released by the SAPS Data
Contact crimes - murder, attempted murder, sexual offences, assault GBH (Grievous Bodily Harm), common assault, robbery with aggravating circumstances, common robbery and trio crime (carjacking, residential and business robbery) 33%
Other serious crimes - theft, commercial crime and shoplifting 25.9%
Property related crimes 25.7%
Police action 8.7%
Contact related crimes - arson and malicious damage to property 6.7%

Data gathered shows that positive Criminal Record results are split into two significant groups: Positive Offences, and Pending Cases.

Positive Offences are defined as instances where the individual has been arrested, charged, tried and convicted of the offence.

Pending cases indicate that the trial is not yet complete, and that the judge still has to make a ruling as to whether the individual is guilty or not. It is important to differentiate between these two groups. Employers should not discriminate against candidates with pending cases - but rather aim to recheck the candidate at regular intervals in the future.

All crimes have been classified into 10 major categories. Some of the crimes that fall into these categories are as follows:
Commercial Crime Selling, possession, buying of uncut diamonds. Hunting animals in a national park. Selling wildlife without a permit. Infringement of Copyright.
Sexual Offences Rape. Prostitution. Public Indecendy.
Other Loitering. Trespassing. Illegal Gambling. Child Neglect. Being in possesion of stolen goods.
Crimes against the Firearm Act Carry/display and weapon in a public place. Discharging a firearm in an urban area. Possession of an ulicensed firearm or ammunition.
Crimes against the State Desertion of Service. Concealment of Birth. Contempt of Court. Treason. Offences against the income tax act. Rioting. Striking
Narcotics Possession, dealing, selling or use of prohibited dependence-producing drug or plants. Selling/supplying liquor without a license.
Crimes against the road Traffic Act Driving without a valid driver's license. Driving an unlicensed vehicle. Drunken driving. Violation of Road Traffic Act.
White Collar Crimes Frauds, forgeries and embezzlements. Bribery. Possession of fraudulent documents. Corruption
Theft Being in possession of stolen goods. Stealing goods. Attempting to sell stolen goods.
Violent Crimes Arson. Assault. Robbery. Housebreaking. Murder. Kidnapping. Cruelty to Animals. Child abuse. Intimidation.

Of the criminal record checks conducted in 2012, about 65% of the positive results were for Violent Crimes, Theft offences and White-Collar crimes; Three very significant categories for companies to take note of when appointing a new employee.

*the above information has been extracted from MIE background screening.

• International Drivers license

There is no one else in south Africa who does verfication of International Drivers licences; we are proud to be able to have this as part of one of our unique services.

• CV Verification for Companies and Individuals

Outdated employee records, untraceable references and a lack of attention to employee appeal are just some of the hassles that employers face upon CV deliverance.

OXIGIN makes use of our own specific checking and verification systems, guaranteeing you peace of mind when employing the right staff from our database.

All potential employees' qualifications, records and references are sent through our meticulous screening process before being added to our database. If we can't trace it, we don't use it.

OXIGIN Human Resources is an affordable, convenient and reliable way to ensure your business functions properly from the ground up by having the right staff at your fingertips.

Résumé / Application Falsification Statistics Data
Percent of résumé and job applications that contain falsifications 53 %
Percent of college students surveyed who would lie on a résumé to get a job they want 70 %
Percent of job applicants who have a misdemeanor record 3 %
Percent of job applicants who have a felony record 7 %
46 % of employment, education and/or credential reference checks conducted revealed discrepancies between what the applicant provided and what the source reported
Résumé Falsification Statistics
Percent of résumés that are misleading 80 %
Résumés that state fraudulent degrees 21 %
Show altered employment dates 30%
Have inflated salary claims 40 %
Have inaccurate job descriptions 33 %
Give falsified references 27 %

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