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HRCheck - Disciplinary History & Dismissal Reports

Every business seeks to employ a reliable and honourable employee to contribute as the newest member within a company hierarchy. Here at OXIGIN, we provide a hassle free solution to eliminate the known deceitful and/or criminal element in your industry. We explore the most reliable and innovative means to maintain staff reliability:

CV and Reference fraud is rife. With a simple annual license fee, Oxigin Employment Tracking System keeps a record of staff employment history, disciplinary records and references, of staff in your industry.  This will assist our members in detecting:
  • Deleted employment history from applicants CV's
  • Fake employment history that has been added
  • Supplied fake references;
  • Bad employment track record
  • History of insubordiation
  • Unsavoury work ethics
  • Fraud and/or theft;
  • Any other dismissible offence
Oxigin System

Report An Incident

Fraud is rampant. Job searchers are desperate. Employers are being duped. Let Oxigin Employment Tracking System assist you in finding out those less than stellar facts about your favourite candidate before you've come to own him, love him, train him, and integrate him into your company.

Often we face the question : " IS IT LEGAL TO GIVE A BAD REFERENCE " ?
It most certainly is NOT ILLEGAL for an employer to provide a bad reference, provided that what is being said is the truth.
Furthermore, a new employer can claim damages against you if you give a positive reference for an employee who has not
in fact been satsifactory, and that person goes on to perform badly in their new job.

Upload an employees Employment History and Incident Reports onto our Employment Tracking System to prevent yourself and others from employing an applicant who has falcified his CV and references.

Some examples of Incident Reports would be:
  • Dishonesty
  • His credentials are fraudulent
  • Has a history of insubordination
  • Has unsavoury work ethics
  • Is unable to perform the duties that the position entails
  • Has a bad employment track record and will/has falsified his CV

You can help keep track on employees such as these by uploading your HR Incident Reports onto our secure system.

Avoid those uncomfortable reference calls, when a company calls you or your HR department for a reference, instead of feeling awkward and uncomfortable in giving a negative reference, refer them to our website.

All Incident Reports are thoroughly screened by our team to ensure that the correct procedures were followed, only then will the report be approved, and listed on our site.


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